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1. Unbiased Advice.
As a brokerage firm, Affinitas acts as an independent intermediary between insurance companies and the general public. We are not tied to one insurance company, and are thus independent of any commercial relationships that may restrict the advice we give. Because of this, Affinitas is able to remain unbiased, always keeping the best interests of clients in mind.

2. Multiple Options.
Unlike insurance companies, which are limited to selling their own products, Affinitas offers clients access to a huge pool of products. This means clients can select the coverage they need, at the price they can afford. We believe that by increasing consumer choice, we make our clients better shoppers.

3. Dependable Network.
Because we have developed long-term partnerships with insurance companies, we have the clout to resolve tough claims and coverage disputes, and can leverage these relationships to act more efficiently on our clients’ behalf.

4. No Service Fee.
As broker, Affinitas earns solely from commissions provided by insurance companies. We don’t charge consultancy or broker fees for the services that we provide our clients. This way, we cost our clients absolutely nothing.

5. Unparalleled Service.
The core products of insurance are pretty standardized over time. As such, the discriminating factor is in the quality of delivery and value added services. What is unique about Affinitas is its all-encompassing, multi-phased approach to insurance brokering, so that the client receives fully-integrated insurance services. All he has to do is reap the benefits of being fully protected.

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