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MARCH 30, 2007:
On March 30, 2007 Affinitas Insurance Brokers launched its new brand, redefining and re-interpreting our long-held corporate creed: WE BUILD RELATIONSHIPS.

We have fundamentally transformed ourselves into a new Brokerage, one now recognized for embracing innovation and bold changes, at the same time remaining true to our relationships and values.

To help us bring our new brand to life, we commissioned the Brand Consulting firm, PUSH Associates (www.pushassociates.com). They brought to this engagement their international experience in Marketing and Design.

The New Brand Story
Affinitas is an ancient Latin word that means ‘relationship’ or ‘affinity’. As a broker, the name Affinitas embodies the company's raison d'etre. Affinitas exists and endures through relationships based on trust, sincerity, integrity and service.

The mythical three winged elephant provides us with a powerful visual representation of the soul and philosophy of Affinitas.

The Elephant is the epitome of evolution and survival. It has thrived and survived through 50 million years of evolution not because of its physical greatness but because of its intelligence as a specie and its relationships as a breed.

Like the great Elephant, Affinitas believes that business will need to learn to survive not by its ability to predate, but by its ability to nurture and sustain relationships.

Our most important asset is our relationship with our clients. It is a value that consumes, defines and saturates our identity as a company.


At Affinitas, our vision is not focused on becoming the biggest. We are committed to becoming the finest.
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