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Affinitas is a licensed broker of all lines of insurance. We help individuals, families and businesses find insurance solutions to secure their future against the financial consequences of property damage, liability, income loss, accident, sickness or death.

An important competence of Affinitas as an insurance broker is risk management. With changing demographics and economics, and the increasing complexity of risk, our clients demand a more holistic and customized approach to risk assessment and management. As such, we go beyond closing a sale, to advising clients of the feasibility, cost-effectiveness, sufficiency and sustainability of their insurance investment and decisions.

At Affinitas, we make sure the insurance programs we design and the consequent risk control they provide, are seamlessly integrated into the management systems of our clients’ businesses and their everyday lives as well. Part of this implementation is continuous monitoring and performance measurement, such that opportunities for improvement are a part of the yearly renewal process.

Affinitas is regulated by the Insurance Commission and is duly licensed to sell all lines of insurance including Life and Non-Life products.

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