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The Affinitas approach to insurance brokering is a unique and intelligent process. Affinitas diverges from the standards and practice of brokering by creating an all-encompassing and multi-phased process called the Affinitas Relationship Circle.

The Affinitas Circle defines our relationship with the clients. It not a static, one-time sale but is, in fact, a yearly lifelong iterative process.

Understand the Client's Cost-Risk Balance
Our objective in this step is to gain an understanding of the client’s values, goals and risk philosophy, thereby defining his cost-risk balance. By cost-risk balance, we mean determining the client’s overall risk appetite, how much coverage he thinks he needs, if he is an employer, how much he values his employees’ financial security, and finally how much he is willing to pay for coverage.

Analyze the Client's Risk Profile
At this point, we look into the client’s line of business, lifestyle, demographic information, history and relevant statistical data in order to identify the broad spectrum of risks the client faces. We then assess the probability of those risks, and measure their potential impact on the client, should they occur. This is one of the most important steps in the process as the risk profile will be the basis for insurance the computation of insurance premiums later on.

Design the Insurance Solution
In this step of the process, armed with an understanding of the client’s cost-risk balance and risk profile, we can now design a customized insurance solution for the client. Here we set the terms of coverage that we believe is most appropriate and then tap the leading insurance companies to conform to those terms. Any negotiation between the insurance companies and Affinitas, in behalf of the client happens at this point.

Prepare the Comparative Study of Insurance Programs
Although we never make the final decision on which insurance program to select, we like to make the decision process as easy as possible for the client. To guide our clients through the deliberation, we consolidate all the information we have thus far collected, specifically focusing on the different insurance programs offered by each insurance company. We organize these programs in a matrix format for easier, point by point comparison by insurance company, and give a written report to the client.

Launch the Insurance Program
After a client selects the insurance program that he believes is best, then we at Affinitas roll up our sleeves and implement the program from scratch. Implementation begins with Affinitas completing all administrative protocols in behalf of the client, from processing all the necessary paperwork and consolidating all employee information, to liaising with the insurance company to begin coverage.

Upon implementation of the program, then begins Affinitas’ year-long, daily administration of the insurance program. Administration includes one of the most important responsibilities of Affinitas, which is claims management. This ranges from processing claims and refunds, to resolving tough claims and coverage disputes, if any.

Finally, program administration involves Affinitas serving as the client’s virtual admin center, keeping a record of all activities and claims against the policy, plus the reasons for each claim. All information recorded in the duration of one year then serves as the basis for auditing and analyzing client utilization and the overall effectivity of the program upon renewal, and serves as inputs to the client’s historical archive, which Affinitas also maintains for the client.

Audit the Insurance Program
Clients’ increasing demands for higher levels of performance, cost control, asset and income protection, and compliance with good governance require that Affinitas continuously measure the performance of the insurance programs it implements. The audit happens at the end of a policy’s term, or anytime during the year as we or the client see fit. This step in the process is important, not only as a reporting tool, but also because this is a unique opportunity for us to find cost and efficiency savings for next year’s program.

It is at this point that we are better armed to once again begin the cycle.

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